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Why Japanese Knives are the best in the world ?

Why Japanese Knives are the best in the world ?


Although today very well known and more and more visible in the West, Japanese knives have long been absent in our countries. Therefore we will try to write as efficiently as possible the history of these knives, the cultural traditions they carry within them, and the long road they took to reach us. Because in contrast to the big majority of the knives in the world, the japanese knives have a long interesting history that you can discover here on our site. Good read !


We've been talking a lot about the japanese knife for some times now. But why ? 


For a few years now we have seen more and more starred chefs becoming TV stars and it's true that cooking has taken up of space on television. These chefs who opened their kitchen to journalists have greatly helped to popularize gastronomy. Thanks to them we finally realized that professional knives were often japanese kitchen knives. 

We must not forget that the Japanese kitchen knife arrived in the Western countries about fifteen years ago by gastronomy professionals and therefore demanding users, and not by a marketing impetus that currently makes the ceramic knife is "trendy" and that it floods the market with sometimes questionable productions.

Japanese knives are above all upscale and sometimes even rather exclusive as a beautiful piece can have a price to discourage the researcher of economic knives or people just wanting a nice knife for their kitchen...


Japanese Knife/ Long Sashimi Knife


Is it a fad or can japanese knives be imposed in long term?

Contrary to what one might think, this trend should become much more than a simple mode of passage. In reality the Japanese cutlery makers succeed wonderfully the variation of the professional knives towards more attractive ranges for the cooks amateurs of good knives, or quite simply for the lover of beautiful objects. Knives are produced without ever turning away from a crucial point: a knife is above all made to cut well. So you can enjoy an excellent cut whatever the price of the knife (savings are made on assembly, finishing, materials ... but cutting is always preferred) as you can see here with these Izumi Ichiago knives.

In cutlery, Japan has always been at the top of the hierarchy of nations which innovate, develop and create new products. Industrialists from other countries copy style, form... but fail to achieve the same end result. Indeed Japanese cutlery will always be copied (most well French brands even come out of knives with the Santoku form ”) but never equaled. 

This technical superiority acquired over the centuries and which foreign competitors will never catch up with is simply due to the better quality of Japanese steel.


Japanese Knife / Great Nakiri Knife


Knives : a Japanese national pride ! 

Therefore if foreign competitors wish to produce Japanese knives as closely as possible they must import this heavy steel, which undoubtedly increases their manufacturing costs. Also the Japanese do not have the same vision of the knife as we have in the West, a knife must be beautiful in addition to being efficient, the craftsmen and their work are magnified and admired by all. And often passed on from generation to generation.

So we have tried in this article to best describe the history of the expansion of the Japanese knife. 

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