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What is a chef knife used for in cooking

What is a chef knife used for in cooking

Today we are going to look at the many different types of kitchen knives, especially Chef Knives. There is a very large number of kitchen knives all more or less adapted to specific tasks. We will therefore discover which knives are the most interesting for the main tasks in the kitchen. Any great chef will tell you: to make a top-of-the-range kitchen even from home, you must use the right equipment for cutting each food. Because before seasoning, cooking and all the culinary details, there is the cut that is the source of every meal.

Chef knife: the number one asset in the kitchen

The first tool and above all an asset in this case for your kitchen is the chef's knife. It's the most balanced knife of all. The most balanced simply because it is the only knife of all that can be fully used for all tasks in the kitchen. Ideal for slicing vegetables, mincing meat and chopping herbs, but also for the cut of fish or cheese, you will be able to prepare your favourite dish from start to finish only with this knife. So why buy the other types of knives if this one will do for all your dishes? simply because the others are even more specified for specific tasks and will give you more precision than this very versatile knife. But we will discuss this more specifically later when we look at the main other types of knives.


To come back to the chef's knife note that this one will always have a blade between 15 and 25cm long. Its wide blade makes it possible to cut without having to touch the work surface with the finger joints. The handle can be used to crush peppercorns and the side of the blade can be used to crush garlic cloves. It is up to you to choose the length of your knife according to your preferences (design, agility, ease of use...). The chef's knife is very easy to use, hence its great popularity. We invite you to discover our collection on the next link : Chef Knife. For unconditional fans of Japanese knives, the santoku knife is the chef's knife in Japan, a very versatile knife that is easy to use and multi-tasking. These knives have very similar characteristics with more details for the santoku knife but we will talk about it in a future article. In the meantime i invite you to discover our collection of Japanese Knife on this link. 


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The usefulness of having different kitchen knives for cooking stains 

In our first part we therefore highlighted the great versatility of the chef's knife and the possibility of using only this knife to design an entire dish. For new cooking enthusiasts it's a good idea to start using only this knife to get used to all the cuts in the kitchen. But all professionals or regulars in the kitchen will make you understand the need to use all types of knives available to you. In fact each knife has been created for a specific task and is therefore specialized in the accomplishment of that task. So you will never be able to achieve the same cutting precision with a chef's knife as the knife that is specialized for this cut. It makes perfect sense. Moreover there is such a variety of knives all very pleasant to use that it would be sad to miss such an experience.


For example the paring knife, which is ideal for cutting and peeling small vegetables. It also allows you to make small cuts such as peeling shrimp. This knife is also one of the most present in kitchens all over the world in various forms. We can also talk about the thrifty knife, which is a classic in the kitchen. This very sharp peeler with a fine edge can be made of stainless steel. Connoisseurs prefer the oxidizable version because it keeps its sharpness better during cutting and makes it possible to obtain finer peelings than with a vegetable peeler. Concerning knives specifically for meat there are boning knives. It has a narrow, flexible blade that penetrates easily between flesh and bone. Boning, shelling, skinning, scaling, and fat removal are child's play with this knife. Moreover these very reliable and basic knives exist in very high quality forms and are also true masterpieces as can be chef knives. I suggest you to discover this boning knife Adelmayer on amazon so that you get an idea of this product.


We have therefore seen that there is a wide range of kitchen knives all adapted to a precise use and which will allow you to master the cutting of meat, vegetables, fish and all other products. It's up to you to choose the ones that suit you best and that you wish to use the most.


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The perfect solution : Kitchen Knife Kits !

Now that we know the usefulness of having a wide range of knives in our possession, we can now discover the kitchen knife kits. The great advantage of these kits is the variety of knives you receive in one purchase. In the majority of the cases you buy directly a kit with all the necessary tools for each task in the kitchen, which allows you to start cooking and preparing your favorite dish. Moreover the fact of buying directly a complete kit of the same brand gives you a uniformity of products that will always come out of your kitchen and make you directly more neat and tidy. Then of course you can choose several knives from different suppliers if you like their design or if you simply prefer, but buying a complete kit allows a significant saving in the majority of cases. I refer you to our collection of Kitchen Knife Kits to discover it in depth. Also there is a wide variety of kits more or less complete which allows to choose according to the necessity in order not to have some knives that could be non-essential for some people.




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