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Why have a Pocket Knife on either

Why have a Pocket Knife on either

In our blog article of the day we will focus on pocket knives. All your ancestors up to your father had the good habit of taking with them not only their watch but also their pocket knife. Not you ? Big Mistake. Before continuing the article we must make it clear that the pocket knife should be seen as a tool for everyday use and as a tool for style. Of course we do not encourage anyone to walk around with a saber or a machete to assault strangers and remember that it is not the knife that kills but the person who uses it to do this harm.

Great style knives for a great utility.

So know we can continue to debate on our principal subject : the pocket knife a noble companion. For years and even centuries almost all men in the world frequently carried pocket knives with them. You will tell me that in our current society we no longer have any use for it but allow us to contradict you. Many everyday tasks would justify the use of a pocket knife. Whether it's a simple lunch or an improvised picnic in a park, freeing an accident victim from the trap of their seat belt, opening their birthday gifts with respect and delicacy or simply Eat a piece of fruit at the office without putting it everywhere: there are many interests. 

But moreover the pocket knife was for a long time an object used to perfect its style. Imagine being coordinated from head to toe with your watch and your knife going perfectly with your clothes. This was the case for centuries and the most socially elevated people often had all the social markers that followed their ranks. A man of high family often had the high class pocket knife differentiating him from his lower scale fellows. It was a success marker like any other. Pocket knives are therefore much more useful than you would think unlike hunting knives, for example, which have almost no social utility.

Pocket Knife Original Design


A tradition to perpetuate 

Not only did our ancestors have this good habit, but so did our childhood heroes. A large part of the heroes of comic strips and films always had their pocket knife at hand. Ask indiana jones or largo winch if it's possible for them to accomplish them adventures without a pocket knife. Beyond that we can also talk about the heritage that these knives can transmit and it's there the part we like to defend. The pocket knife is one of those rare functional, useful and timeless objects, just like our watches, which represent us and which we will be able to transmit, when the day comes, charged with our energy and life experiences. No electronics here, no battery to charge but just a functional and authentic object whose engraved memories will stand out with each contact with your hand. In a world in perpetual movement with strong social changes where many traditions are sometimes lost without reason, we find it important to make a reminder on the traditional side of things. 

Let's not forget that a good blade must be respected. Owning an un-sharpened blade would be like wearing a watch that would never be on time or shoes covered with mud. You should also avoid cutting anything with a very good blade (unless absolutely necessary) or touching it too regularly with your fingers. Too dirty blade looks bad. 

For the quality of the steel, simply note that a blade with a high carbon content will by definition be harder and will retain its wire and its edge for a long time. However, it may oxidize, just dry it well after each use and cover the blade with a thin film of oil if you accidentally leave it in a drawer for a while.

Pocket Knife Natural Design

And why not keeping a karambit or butterfly knife 

Now after talking about the style and traditions of pocket knives we will quickly see the different origins because obviously these knives were present all around the world. You can discover on our website excellent butterfly knives perfect for doing some tricks and to perfect your ability and also the beautiful karambit native of Philippines and Indonesia used in battle with other nations and ideal for removing and treating animal skins. Now that we are in the Asian region, let's take the opportunity to discover the balisong which is the Philippine derivative of the butterfly knife. 

Many other variants also come from Europe, such as the famous Swiss knife or the opinel French knife which are older. Are you more tactical? A whole bunch of American brands do things very well with very modern and high quality knives. Spyderco and its characteristic circular quick-opening hole are one example.

So we quickly saw in this blog post the story of the pocket knife that we could say so much more.


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