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How much is a butterfly knife

How much is a butterfly knife

We are back after some time away with a new blog post to complete the topic of butterfly knives. A lot of questions come and go on many different topics related to butterfly knives. So making a new point seemed to be appropriate and smart.

Let's remember that this type of knife rather forgotten by the majority of the population has nevertheless a very strong popularity due to its rarity, its particularity and all its different styles. Yes, the butterfly knife is one of the most customizable knives along with the classic pocket knife, which is not the case for all types of knives, especially kitchen knives, where the design is still more sober and classic. The butterfly knife has no limit to its imagination. The colors, the shapes, the materials used, everything is very different and differentiable between each butterfly knife. Moreover, being a knife for tricks and other spectacular gestures, it is not necessarily sharpened, which adds a particularity that we must not forget. Because yes this is also to be taken into account in the final price of the product, a real military butterfly knife for example will see its price quickly explode because as all that is military the best materials are used to optimize the use of this one to the benefit of the design which except in rare cases is dismissed.

So to get into the details, the price of a butterfly knife obviously varies according to the materials used for it very logically and this down to the smallest detail. Because some knives may be made of basic materials except for the most important parts of the product. Automatically the knives where we have used a lot of rare or solid materials will see their price rise. And this will be the case for real blades but also for unsharpened knives which even if it may seem unnecessary are sometimes made of solid materials to make them more fluid. As in all disciplines, performing tricks to perfection requires the best equipment. Let's not forget that this can be seen as a sport, so professionals and true enthusiasts use high quality knives like professional basketball players have the best shoes adapted to their activity for example. 

But there are also other criteria to take into account and the fact that our favorite knives are not only used for tricks but also for the pleasure of collecting is certainly the most important criteria. Like any collector's item, a market has been created around this product. For centuries this was not possible, but the development and opening of our world has created collector's markets for almost every object if there is interest. Nowadays, not only paintings of great artists are collected, but also sneakers, stamps, video game consoles and much more. The field of knives is not spared and particularly butterfly knives. The standardization of this object, especially in a country like the United States, automatically creates a strong demand that is not always followed by an increase in supply. So people looking for a particular knife, a special design or any other criteria that make the knife stand out from the rest may be willing to pay a lot of money. That's why any different design, color or special pattern on the knife has a strong influence on its price. A layer or a very rare design because it is complicated to make will make the final product much more expensive. This may seem basic as it is the case in many fields but unlike other markets where they voluntarily choose to release limited stocks to make the prices explode, this is much less the case here. The difficulty of realization of certain parts makes that the production and thus the offer can quickly be exceeded by the demand. Sometimes for the same knife but in another color, we can quickly get a very different price because this color is simply much more complicated to make. So the aesthetics of the knives and the popularity of this tool among people of all ages are the main factors of the great variation in price between knives even if sometimes they seem to be quite similar at first glance.

How to butterfly knife


The picture above is a very good explanation to our previous paragraph because it shows all the striking differences and details that can be seen from one product to another and therefore widens the gap between each price. Despite their almost identical size, the first two knives are undoubtedly more elaborate than the other two. On the second one, the design of the two handles is sublime and totally sets the product apart from the others.


How to butterfly knife ?

Here is a question that comes up a lot and that, despite everything, we really appreciate. Passionate about the colors and styles of these knives, we are as much by the tricks and the spectacular side of these objects. The range of tricks is very large and the fluidity of use of these knives can even bring you to realize some without even realizing it. Of course we are not saying that you will automatically be able to perform professional tricks, but open your mind as much as possible and try to perform all kinds of moves to adapt to your product as quickly as possible. This is the gateway to intermediate tricks

Then there is no better way to learn than to observe carefully. The schools to learn to control the butterfly knife are very rare but youtube is always present for us. You can find all kinds of videos sometimes spectacular but sometimes very basic to allow you to learn well. The world of butterfly knives on youtube is very vast and you will see for sure the person who will help you the best to progress daily. This video is for example a great way for any beginner, giving very good advice to train properly and improve its dexterity: Learning Butterfly Knife Tricks with no experience. Watching the best is an essential and very certain solution because you will be able to store a maximum of crucial information much faster than by reading. Because let's remember that in this case the most important thing is practice. 

Also, we refer you to our first two blog posts What is a balisong and How to close a butterfly knife, in which we go much deeper into the subject giving you many tips and tricks to quickly learn everything you need to know about opening your knife, maintaining it, and of course tricks. We won't rewrite everything here because it's quite long and it would be silly to just repeat everything. But our main advice that we like to repeat every time is: try, persevere and don't give up! Even the most awkward person can learn to master a butterfly knife.


 Where can I buy a butterfly knife


Where can I buy a butterfly knife 

And here is a very good question that we are happy to answer. There are of course many websites offering these products but you are at the right place. Two complete collections of Balisong and Butterfly knives so that whatever you call them, you will quickly find the best one! Vast, complete and very often updated, you will find in these two collections all that it is necessary to make you crack and jump the step. Many different colors and designs, basic knives for a simple training or real collector pieces. There is something for everyone.

In addition, for all lovers of pocket knives and all kinds of other great kitchen knives, our site offers a wide choice for each category with quality pieces and remarkable styles.

We let you discover by yourself all our products and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have on our mailbox visible in the contact page. So enjoy your visit to our site, we have closed this blog post and are preparing a multitude of others.

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